About Me

Welcome to “I wanna travel the world!”

An exciting travel blog to inspire families to embark on new adventures together, building precious memories that last a lifetime and creating stories to tell.

I’m Jane – a busy mum to a ├╝ber creative eight year old little girl call Izzy and a sports mad six-year-old called Ethan. I have another “gig on the side” called a full-time job working for a bank. After many a year responding to the question “what do you do?” with …. it’s not very exciting really… I decided to follow my heart and start a travel blog allowing me to share my passion and excitement for all things travel.

This is my first blogging experience and I couldn’t be more excited as I start on this journey, so join me as I introduce the other crew on board with me…and of course let me know what you think because I want to go on this journey with you:)

So this is me – Jane , the girl who wants to travel the world….with my hubbie and kids on our travels.


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